Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top Select Interview Questions for Network Engineer's!!!

Q31. What is Mail Gateway?
Ans. It is a system that performs a protocol translation between different electronic mail deliveryprotocols.

Q32. What is wide-mouth frog?
Ans. Wide-mouth frog is the simplest known key distribution center (KDC) authentication protocol.

Q33. What are Digrams and Trigrams?
Ans. The most common two letter combinations are called as digrams. e.g. th, in, er, re and an. The most common three letter combinations are called as trigrams. e.g. the, ing, and, and ion.

Q34. What is silly window syndrome?
Ans. It is a problem that can ruin TCP performance. This problem occurs when data are passed to the sending TCP entity in large blocks, but an interactive application on the receiving side reads 1 byte at a time.

Q35. What is region?
Ans. When hierarchical routing is used, the routers are divided into what we call regions, with each router knowing all the details about how to route packets to destinations within its own region, but knowing nothing about the internal structure of other regions.

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